Thursday, August 21, 2014

and won his six NBA finals most valuable player trophy in the first

For three consecutive years to the piston, let many people suspect that a like Jordan such scoring machine is unable to get the championship title. Many critics believe that two star Oodori Bertoku him as 80's (Larry Bird) and Magic Johnson (Magic Johnson), they think Jordan is just a pure scorer, not like a bird and magic that makes his teammates better bird and magic; a team to help the team to become the top teams, but Jordan bull until in the late 80's or a middle tier team. But in 1991 after the Bulls Dynasty and the rise of Jordan mature gradually shut them up.

The 1990-1991 season, Jordan lead the bulls to a road stride forward singing militant songs, the playoffs only lost two games, with the absolute dominance of the first ascent. This includes in the Eastern Conference finals sweep of piston revenge, beat the Lakers won four straight games in the finals first home court negative a bureau of the situation. Since Magic Johnson retired soon because of AIDS, this round of the competition to become the Lakers Showtime ("Showtime") song. Jordan averaged 31.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, 8.4 assists, and won his six NBA finals most valuable player trophy in the first.

The Jordan had her hair shaved, hand to lead a new trend of hair, on the other hand, let oneself more outstanding. He finally won his championship dream. Although his criticism of his teammates and mordant demanding, but the victory is the best lubricant. Two years later, the bulls are 6 games to get Clyde Drexler (Clyde Drexler) of the Trail Blazers and Charles Barclay (Charles Barkley) to solve the Suns, the championship. In this late three years, Jordan is no longer just a star, he had reached a hero of the realm. Early in his occupation career, he is jealous of Peter Peterpan (Peter Pan) from jumping the gravity of the earth, the envy of his eternal youth. However, in these three years, the team and the players seem to have acknowledged the "jump out of earth's gravity, to eternal youth" is Jordan. He has a lot of young and old fans, especially for the children as if he has a kind of magic, sports drinks advertising words like him to speak like that to write "like Jordan (Be Like Mike) as", let the children who follow in his footsteps.

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