Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jordan considering playing American occupation golf tour after retirement

The team selected to power forward Hollis Grant (Horace Grant), and in the draft daily center Olden Polyinice from the Seattle supersonics for universal small forward Scotti Pippin (Scottie Pippen). The 87-88 season, Jordan took all the awards you can think of, the most valuable player, best defensive player, the all star MVP...... Have everything that one expects to find. In a strong team's help, Jordan bulls eliminated Cleveland Cavaliers passed the first round of the playoffs, but the second round of the 1-4 loss to the Detroit pistons. The pistons are known as the "bad boys corps", they are very aggressive play let Jordan bulls after two consecutive years in the Eastern Conference finals going to. Pistons coach group to create a "Jordan rules" defensive strategy, simply means that there are always two to three double Jordan. Although the bulls have been running but this hurdle, but they are one point one points close to the championship!

Jordan data harvest in the 88-89 season, averaging 32.5, a career high 8 assists in a union of tenth, and the 8 highest rebounds occupation career and third in the league with 2.89 steals. The decisive battle at a first round series in fifth games in Cleveland, Jordan in Craig Ehlo (Craig Ehlo) top scored a record endurance long buzzer jumper, so that the bulls to a 101-100 victory over the opponent. The history said that "the shot" (the shot) wonderful goal also forever in the hearts of the people. In the 89-90 prior to the start of the season, Sports Illustrated (Sport Illustrated) published an article said, Jordan considering playing American occupation golf tour after retirement (PGA tour).

At the same time, the Chicago management is doing another move. That summer, the Bulls fired coach Doug Collins (Doug Collins), called "Zen master" Phil Jackson (Phal Jackson). In Jackson guidance, the Bulls began the practice of "triangle", the tactical system 5 people create opportunities to give a field using quick passing and cutting, but when the tactic failed and the attack time not much, Jordan has any right to open fire. That year the regular season, the bulls 55-27 success, this is the Bulls since the best record since the 71-72 season. Jordan in Cleveland scored occupation career high 69 points, after one to a 117-113 overtime victory. His three point ball has become a weapon, the hit rate of 37.6% for up to 10% higher than before. However, the pistons in the Eastern Conference finals the last field and difficult broke the bull's dream.

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