Thursday, August 21, 2014

this let all had suspected Jordan ability are closed his mouth

This goal soon realized, he was voted to the all star saidone forces starting shooting guard soon after. In the all star game, he met the first obstacle occupation career: his teammates, Detroit Pistons Isaiah Thomas (Isiah Thomas). The media that is Thomas deliberately method does not pass the frozen the gold star at the all star game play, so as the starting shooting guard Jordan within 22 minutes of the time only 7 minutes. The rest of the day, he alone in the face of the alleged plot.

About this thing that lasted for a long time, but Thomas has denied this claim. Finally, this section of resentment in the all star game in 2003 on the Eastern Conference all star team coach Thomas persuaded Vince Carter (Vince Carter) to the first position to participate in the last session of the all star game Jordan ended. The second season playing only three games, a piece of bone Jordan stress fracture in his left foot, despite being voted into the all star game also failed to attend. But at the end of the season to return to the stadium of him in the first round of the playoffs against the Celtics scored 63 playoff history record score. After the two overtime, the bulls in the final 131-135 to their defeat, also to be swept out of the playoffs Jordan fate; but in this series of scoring average score of 43.7, this let all had suspected Jordan ability are closed his mouth.

From the beginning of the season 86-87, rewrite the NBA records motion he continued throughout the occupation career officially began. When he scored 37.1 points per game, and in the subsequent 7 years has always maintained a 30+ score; 9 consecutive games scoring of 40+, a game of 23 consecutive points...... These are the records of the NBA. In the all star game he won the dunk contest trophy, and in the following year successfully defended. Unfortunately, the Celtics once again in the first round of the playoffs eliminated the bulls. After the end of the season, the management the Bulls started a championship level team.

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