Thursday, August 21, 2014

they say a few privileges he enjoyed the veteran who for years to enjoy

And so it proved, in the rookie season Jordan conquered people, came to the Chicago stadium to watch the ball's audience is increasing exponentially. As long as you can see Jordan performances, fans of opposing teams and even willing to pay the cost of losing the game. The performance Jordan off and he in the basketball court as unique and charming.

The prospect of his unlimited, Nike early sign him as the most important shoe spokesmen, but the effect is far more than expected to. In Jordan rookie preseason games, he crossed a unprecedented bull red color boots, NBA began to think this violation of "global service consistency Shou", if he continues to wear it will be fined. He still wear a few times, the shoes and other MJ series shoes caused an unprecedented boom market. Unlike most NBA players, his contract allowed him to be able to play any time during the offseason -- this clause is called "love in terms of basketball".

When he flew to the basket when he used to put his tongue out -- like his father to do mechanical work as, this action has also become one of his trademarks. He kept his beloved North Carolina shorts to wear shorts underneath the bulls, which he started to wear some of the shorts lengthened, or because the longer shorts can make him wear more comfortable. No matter what the reason, in baggy shorts to become a fashion spread in the league and other sports. The rookie magic even applied to the body, they say a few privileges he enjoyed the veteran who for years to enjoy, so much so that he even step will not be blown. Many people say that the reason he can so easily by defenders because he walks. But according to the slow motion analysis of the real reason is his first step too quickly, and did not violate any rules.

Despite the high-profile, Jordan remained humble. He never put the Blazers didn't choose him, in the rookie season before he told Sports Illustrated (Sports Illustrated): "he (Bowie) for them more than me, they have enough big guard and small forward." His self deprecating embodied more obvious in another word the same text: "I hope that my life is at least play in an all star game".

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